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NCIS Special Collector's Edition

There are 100 unforgettable pages of favorite characters, behind-the-scenes stories, exclusive interviews and intimate photos. NCIS still rules! Some 300 million people from around the world watched some version of NCIS last year. There is no end in sight for the beloved members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Here are a few of the exciting stories you can expect:

Life after Gibbs! Gary Cole talks about his starring role as the agent in charge and how his quirky, confident Alden Parker differs from Mark Harmon’s boss.

Favorite episodes from every season.

Tony and Ziva’s passion. One of NCIS’s most enduring relationships was the romance of its two hottest agents.

A goodbye tribute to David McCallum, and Ducky’s most memorable cases.

Intel on the latest, 21st season, and the storylines to look out for.

PLUS! Most Missed. These characters are gone from NCIS-but not forgotten.

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NCIS cover

Your must-have magazine for true fans of NCIS, America’s #1 TV show.

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